We are experts in sales channels

We are an international consultancy dedicated to both the digital and offline channels, with projects for small, medium and large companies.

In digital channels we focus our efforts on managing marketplaces, with professionals who have years of experience in the sector

In the offline channel, we work on opening new markets internationally, with local experts in each of these markets, and with the know-how of professionals who are experts in the sector

Why choose us?

Padeco Global has extensive experience in the sector, working with large multinational companies in each of the sales channels

We understand that each project is totally different from another, so our multidisciplinary team is prepared to adjust to each of them.

Based on the needs of each project, we propose the strategy, execute it according to a plan that meets the objectives, and we are constantly giving feedback to that plan to adjust it as much as possible and obtain the best results.

Results oriented

Companies seek results, and we accompany that feeling by proposing projects focused 100% on results

Team & Tech

Our team is specialized in each of the channels, and in constant training cycles, in order to adjust to the latest technological advances

Work Methodology

Our day to day is marked by modern work methodologies, in which we seek to achieve greater productivity, in addition to constantly trying new ways of working that help us improve

Process flexibility

We adjust our processes to what customers are looking for. We know that each team has its working methodologies, and the flexibility of our team makes us adapt to each of them.

The opportunity is now!

Grow your business, developing your brand and your sales channels



Both large companies and startups rely on our services. We manage more than 50 projects from different companies, providing a personalized service that fits the requirements and needs of each of them.

Where can you find us?

We work globally but our offices are located in these three cities. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!