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Padeco Global has an extensive experience in creation, management and optimization of both offline and online sales channels, achieving sustained and profitable growth.

We allow both startups and leading companies in their market to increase their sales and gain brand notoriety, through digital marketplaces or working the opening or management of national and international markets by combining technology and software along with the experience and knowledge of our team.

Creation of new channels

We help our clients to implement and/or develop their sales channels, aligned with their strategy and linked to their operations, thus optimizing the available resources.

Growth in sales volume

With extensive experience in account management and incident resolution, along with ongoing training, we maximize sales and margin at all times.

Consumer Centric

We seek to attend the doubts and incidents of the consumer, in an agile and efficient way, to maximize the impact of the product in the point of sale.

Product positioning

We take care of brand and product presence in the sales channel to ensure we maximize the impact on the end customer, regardless of whether the channel is B2B or B2C.

How do we work?

At Padeco Global we understand that implementing a good process, from the first moment, generates great results and avoids great frustrations in the future. That is why we focus on these 6 key points.

Situation Analysis

Understand where we are.

Strategy Development

Know where we're going

Actions proposals

Outline existing possibilities

Action implementations

Let's get down to work to achieve the objectives.

Results measurement

Knowing we're on the right track.

Feedback Processing.

Constantly improve the 5 previous phases


We seek to generate impact on the two major channels available, online and offline, with strategies and platforms available for each of them.

Online Channel

We offer our clients the possibility of creating, developing and optimizing online marketplaces; digital markets accessed by millions of unique users every month to find out about the products, either through valuations or product information, and acquire them in a few clicks.

We offer the client access to new markets with the help of local experts, quickly, safely and efficiently, outsourcing costs.

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Offline Channel

We develop and create new national or international markets in partnership with our clients under a successful approach. To do this, we study the potential of the product, make the arrangements to enable its sale and seek to maximize their sales in retail channels and Horeca.

We offer the client access to new markets with the help of local experts, quickly, safely and efficiently, outsourcing costs.

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Both large companies and startups rely on our services. We manage more than 50 projects from different companies, providing a personalized service that fits the requirements and needs of each of them.

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