Created 20 years ago, Mercadolibre has become a benchmark at the Regional level with 6,000 searches per second and 4.2 million transactions per day, generating business opportunities in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru, among others.

At Padeco Global we have consultants certified by MercadoLibre to help clients create and develop their product catalog, advertising campaigns, brand strategy and logistics, boosting sales within the channel.

Services at Mercadolibre

As an agency specialized in Mercadolibre, we offer a complete service adapted to the needs of your account.

The opportunity is now. Let us grow together.

Padeco Global has a wide knowledge and a specialized team in the management of AliExpress to generate a sustainable growth in this marketplace.

We allow both Startups and market leading companies to increase their sales and margins in a sustainable way by combining technology and software with the best knowledge of the platform and constant training.

360º Service

Analytics and coverage of all operational phases to optimize platform sales and margins: strategy, optimized content, operational analysis, data analysis and advertising (pending availability).


Extensive experience in account management and incident resolution along with constant training on Mercadolibre.


We use the best software on the market for the proper development of sales and the empowerment of our customers' accounts.


Implementation of these practices in all Mercadolibre markets with a global reach.


  • Market and opportunity study in MercadoLibre
  • Situational analysis of MercadoLibre account
  • Study of short-term, medium-term, and long-term objectives
  • Implementation of marketing plan in MercadoLibre to the company´s strategic plan
  • Breakdown of internal needs for good performance in the Seller, Mercado Shops, Mercado Envíos and Mercado Ads accounts
  • Continuous assistance with consultations and advice for decision making.
  • You will be able to count on the advice of certified experts in the management of the MercadoLibre Seller account, to be able to access this market, without causing friction with the strategy used in the rest of the short, medium, or long-term sales channels and have with a breakdown of the needs to be able to implement the selected strategy. Additionally, we know how to adapt the needs of manufacturers or distributors to always optimize the necessary resources.


  • Study of the brand portfolio. Product launch, listing update and implementation of necessary improvements
  • Manufacturer protection
  • Creation of product families for correct variant structure
  • Listing´s quality analysis | Increase the traffic of the registered catalog, increase the conversion of product sheets in each Market adapted to the local idiosyncrasy.
  • Positioning of the product on the first pages and obtaining 'Best Seller' labels
  • Improved reputation and entry to MercadoLider category, providing benefits to the Seller
  • With 170 million visits per month throughout the region, MercadoLibre represents a highly competitive ecosystem. From Padeco Global, we help optimize titles, images, specific points, descriptions along with the implementation of the best keywords obtained by the best technology, the creation and cataloging of product variants. Make your products stand out in searches and improve their conversion in specific countries or regionally.


  • Image analysis and implementation of best practices focused on increasing conversion
  • Development of product content and details to increase brand awareness and encourage up-selling and cross-selling
  • Structuring and creation of the official shop
  • Pricing advice. Detailed study by market to maintain a competitive price always
  • Implementation of Deals campaigns | Featured offers or specific offers according to the commercial calendar of each market
  • The implementation of good visual content, the use of additional content and the creation of a MercadoShops | Official Store allows you to create a excellent user experience within MercadoLibre and also develop a 360 ° Digital Marketing campaign outside the site. Boost your catalog and your brand by making use of all the tools that MercadoLibre puts at your disposal. In addition, we will help you establish a pricing policy that is consistent with your multi-channel strategy and that allows you to carry out promotional campaigns at key moments such as Cyber Monday, Black Friday, or the Christmas period.


  • Definition of advertising objectives and strategies
  • Extensive knowledge of Mercado Ads that allows us to optimize all your advertising campaigns through PADS or Banners within the site
  • Product Ads implementarion to attract potential leads when they are in the consideration stage.
  • Make use of Home, and search pages sites to enhance your brand and give the Official Store maximum visibility (By invitation)
  • Attract, boost the visibility of your products and do retargeting with Mercado Ads.
  • Carrying out advertising campaigns through MercadoLibre, allows you to give visibility to your products and increase your sales within the platform. However, implementing such campaigns and achieving optimal ACOS is exceedingly difficult. With Padeco Global, you will be able to count on experts who know in detail Mercado Ads and all the tools available in it, as well as each of the existing limitations depending on the type of account, to establish, optimize and enhance your campaigns. In addition, we make use of the best campaign management software to adapt to your requirements.


  • Detailed analysis of company reports in MercadoLibre's Seller account
  • Periodic reports, depending on your needs, to be able to pivot the strategy and objectives if necessary.
  • Make decisions based on the information you have available, advised by experts.
  • We work hand in hand with integrating platforms that allow obtaining greater volumes of business and competition data.
  • For proper operation and correct decision-making, it is essential to consider the information provided by MercadoLibre and the integrating platforms that complement it. In addition, you can count on our advice so that you can adjust these decisions to your company's strategy.


  • Detailed training depending on the account in which it is intended to develop the company's staff.
  • Training on development of advertising campaigns with optimal ACOS
  • Training at different organizational levels to be able to extract the maximum benefit from the account.
  • We also provide training in the use of MercadoLibre management software in those cases in which the client is interested in using them.
  • We provide the necessary training to be able to manage any Seller account. From how to position products in MercadoLibre to how to manage penalties and logistics incidents in Mercado Envíos.
  • If you want to internally control each of the different levers necessary for the proper functioning of your MercadoLibre account and you have the feeling that your team lacks the necessary skills to do so, we help you train and professionalize them to maximize the account. This MercadoLibre training can be carried out at all organizational levels, in which we develop a specific training plan for each profile. In this way, each one will be able to manage their tasks in the best possible way or the management team will be able to make the best decisions by knowing the characteristics of their account and its possibilities or impediments.

How do we work?

At Padeco Global we understand that implementing a good process, from the first moment, generates great results and avoids great frustrations in the future. That is why we focus on these 6 key points.

Situation Analysis

Understand where we are.

Strategy Development

Know where we're going

Actions proposals

Outline existing possibilities

Action implementations

Let's get down to work to achieve the objectives.

Results measurement

Knowing we're on the right track.

Feedback Processing.

Constantly improve the 5 previous phases

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