With approximately 10 years since its creation, this marketplace is the global platform of the Alibaba Group and has already become one of the largest B2C in the world. At a European level it allows access to customers from all over the Euro Zone plus Russia, accessing the 2nd most visited e-commerce site in Spain and the 2nd most visited shopping by use and download app.

At Padeco Global, we help Sellers to manage their product catalogue, shop and promotions to elaborate an optimal strategy. Additionally, we help Sellers to take the most out of the available analytics for decision making and continuous improvement.

AliExpress Services

As an agency specialized in AliExpress, we offer a complete service adapted to the needs of your account.

The opportunity is now. Let us grow together.

Padeco Global has a wide knowledge and a specialized team in the management of AliExpress to generate a sustainable growth in this marketplace.

We allow both Startups and market leading companies to increase their sales and margins in a sustainable way by combining technology and software with the best knowledge of the platform and constant training.

360º Service

Analytics and coverage of all operational phases to optimize platform sales and margins: strategy, optimized content, operational analysis, data analysis and advertising (pending availability).


Extensive experience in account management and incident resolution along with constant training on AliExpress.


We use the best software on the market for the proper development of sales and the empowerment of our customers' accounts.


Implementation of these practices in all AliExpress markets with a global reach.


  • Market and opportunity research at AliExpress
  • AliExpress Account Situation Analysis
  • Study of short, medium- and long-term objectives
  • Implementation of the marketing plan in AliExpress to the company's strategic plan
  • Breakdown of internal needs for good performance in AliExpress accounts
  • Ongoing assistance with consultations and advice for decision making
  • You will be able to count on the advice of experts in account management from both AliExpress, to be able to access this market, without this leading to friction with the strategy used in the rest of the sales channels in the short, medium or long term, and to have a breakdown of the needs in order to implement the selected strategy. In addition, we know how to distinguish the needs of stores, franchised stores, or official stores to optimize the necessary resources always.


  • Study of the brand portfolio. Product launch, listing update and implementation of necessary improvements
  • Manufacturer protection
  • Creation of product families for correct variant structure
  • SEO AE Analysis: Increase traffic to the registered catalogue, increase conversion of product sheets in each Marketplace in your local language
  • Product positioning on front pages
  • With approximately 10 years since its creation, this marketplace is the global platform of the Alibaba Group and has already become one of the largest B2C in the world. At a European level it allows access to customers from all over the Euro Zone plus Russia, accessing the 2nd most visited e-commerce site in Spain and the 2nd most visited shopping by use and download app. From Padeco Global, we help you to optimize titles, details, descriptions together with the implementation of the best keywords obtained by the best technology, the creation of product variants. Make your products stand out in searches and improve their conversion in Spain or internationally.


  • Image analysis and implementation of best practices focused on increasing conversion
  • Development of product content and details to increase brand awareness and encourage up-selling and cross-selling
  • Structuring and creation of the shop | Franchise shop | Official shop
  • Pricing advice. Detailed study by market to maintain a competitive price always
  • Flash Offer Implementation: Featured offers or AliExpress Affiliate program management
  • The implementation of good visual content, the use of content enriched in detail and the correct implementation of the Store allows for the creation of a rounded user experience within AliExpress. Empower your catalog and brands by using all the tools that AliExpress makes available. In addition, we will help you establish a pricing policy that is consistent with your multi-channel strategy and allows you to run promotional campaigns at key times like 11/11 or Black Friday.


  • Detailed analysis of AliExpress analytical reports
  • Extensive knowledge of traffic and product analysis tools to enhance the account
  • We help you to enhance and maximize the information you can obtain from market analysis data so that you understand your situation according to your category and competition within the platform
  • We make periodic reports, according to your needs, to be able to pivot the strategy and objectives if necessary
  • Make decisions based on the information you have available, advised by experts
  • For proper functioning and correct decision making, it is essential to consider the information provided by AliExpress both in traffic tools and in product and market analysis. In addition, you can count on our advice so that you can adjust these decisions to your company's strategy.


  • Formación detallada de la plataforma del personal de la empresa
  • Formación para el correcto desarrollo de campañas publicitarias con unos ROI óptimo
  • Capacitación a distintos niveles organizacionales para poder extraer el máximo beneficio de la cuenta
  • Damos la formación necesaria para poder llevar la cuenta de AliExpress. Desde cómo posicionar los productos en la plataforma y hasta cómo gestionar las penalizaciones e incidencias que puedan darse en la plataforma.
  • If you want to internally control each of the different levers necessary for the proper functioning and development of your account at AliExpress and you feel that your team lacks the necessary skills to do so, we help you train and professionalize them in order to enhance the account to the maximum. This AliExpress training can be taken to all organizational levels, where we develop a training plan specific to each team profile. In this way, each person will be able to manage their tasks in the best possible way or the management team will be able to make the best decisions by knowing the characteristics of their account and its possibilities or impediments.

How do we work?

At Padeco Global we understand that implementing a good process, from the first moment, generates great results and avoids great frustrations in the future. That is why we focus on these 6 key points.

Situation Analysis

Understand where we are.

Strategy Development

Know where we're going

Actions proposals

Outline existing possibilities

Action implementations

Let's get down to work to achieve the objectives.

Results measurement

Knowing we're on the right track.

Feedback Processing.

Constantly improve the 5 previous phases

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